Danish Holsteins

Danish Holsteins represents more than 70% of the danish population of dairycows. Danish Holsteins belongs to the Top 5 for production and functional type of the Holsteinspopulations worldwide. 

The overall breeding objective has focus on balanced breeding for health and fertility combined with a high production of milkprotein and butterfat. 

Danish Holsteins are known for strong feet and legs, and high udderquality. 

Average liveweight for cows is 650-700 kg. Yield in average (January 2007) is:

9214 kg milk 4,11% fat 379 kg fat 3,35 % protein 309 kg protein, 688 kg fat+protein. Cows with more than 14000 kg of milkproduction are common.​

Danish Red Holstein represents only 1 percent of the Danish cow population.

The results of the breed is based on a breeding programme using the best bulls internationally in cooperation of testing young sires with breed associations in Germany. Danish Red Holsteins are superior in udder quality and type, and despite the limited number of breeding animals, Danish Rd Holsteins has had the most significant progress of the Danish milk breeds.

The average limelight is 650-700 kg for cows. The average production is (January 2007) :

9.372 kg milk 4,05% fat, 380 kg fat, 3,35% protein 314 kg protein, 694 kg fat + protein.

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